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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Been sooooo long...

It's been months since I last blogged. Somehow, as the new school term began, time seems to fly. So quickly that I can't even find time to really breathe properly and relax. There are so much things to be done and so little time, it seems. Well, nevertheless, it is finally the holidays. For me, at least. Dear dear is still doing his OCS course, hence still stuck there.

Sigh, his commissioning parade has caused quite a bit of unhappiness these few times. Call me petty and selfish, but I really do feel upset. Sigh. But I know dear dear is also stuck in his own situation and he really does not mean for me not to be able to be there with him, but somehow, one part of me just cannot stop thinking about it and I cant seem to stomach it down. Silly and redundant feelings, but they just would not go away. Sigh. =(

On a happier note, I will be going Bintan next week. Not with my darling, but with friends. Just a short relaxation trip. =) Never been there before, but should be quite fun. Heheh... =P

Planning for an Australia trip at the end of the year with dear dear. Hope it will materialize.

Well, more updates. Our ROM date has been confirmed as well as our dinner date. Heheh... for ROM, we have decided to invite only close friends, namely those who will be our bros and sis for our big day. Both celebrations will be held at Conrad Hotel. It has been my dream, and dear dear dotes on me so much, that despite the cost (very expensive =( ), he has agreed! Hehehe... I am literally floating! ~~~~

Anyway, time to save but I can't help but spend cos it is the great Singapore sale! How to not spend! Oh not!!!! and the worse part is that there is no bonus for this half year! =( Sigh.....

Till the next time.... Soon i hope...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Tribute to Tian Tian

Bye Bye Tian Tian....
She passed away on 9th March 2009... Tian Tian is Dear's favourite hamster... It reali sadden me to c her pass away, esp when Dear was stroking Tian's lifeless body and whispering to her ears...
It all happened too fast... She was healthy running around on fri and on sunday she was too weak to eat or move around... Passed away the next day... =( =( =( Buried her in one of the flower pots in the balcony...
BYE BYE Tian Tian...
We will be strong for there's still 17 hamsters we need to take good care of...

Thursday, December 25, 2008


well well, today is Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! =) hehehe...

This is dear dear and my favourite season! Hehe... we totallly enjoyed ourselves. My present to dear dear was a pair of Adidas low cut bball shoes, a set of Gundam toys, a Crystal ball from precious moments, and 8 stitch keychains. Hehe... =)

Dear's present to me is a DS Lite, complete with the cover! Hahha...

Anyway, bit busy and too tired to blog any longer..

Take care everyone! Hope you have a great new year break as well!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miss my Dear Dear

Gonna to book in later le... Dear Dear is still in hk now... she's coming back tonight at around 1020 thus wont get to see her before i book in... reali miss her when she's not around by my side... =(

Good Bye our darling Bao Bei

Bye Bye Xiao Xiao Bao Bao...

Xiao Xiao Bao Bao is one of our first 2 hamsters we bought on 24th March 2006... He passed away on 08th Dec 2008... He was buried in the same flower pot which Xiao Bei Bei was buried in... Both of them had lived in the same cage for as least 2 years before they started fighting and we had no choice but to seperate them... Xiao Bei Bei passed away on 12th Nov 2008 due to old age... Gonna miss both of them dearly... Both of them will always lived in our hearts, we wont forget them!!! RIP...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don be upset anymore....

Cheer up ok my dear... =)


Seriously becoming very irritated.. Feel angry with him but yet must control myself, knowing that he is unhappy...

=( =( =(

unhappy these few days... sigh...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear dear...

Just want to tell you not to think too much about that matter. Remember what I told you... Bear those words in mind ok.. =) You are the best to me! Now and forever... =) Muack!

I am pretty much looking forward to the social night on Thursday... Don really know what I should be wearing to the event. Do not want to be over dressed, neither do I want to be under dressed. Not too sure about the dress code as yet cos they themselves have not confirmed about it. Well, whatever! =p Just don want dear dear to 'lose face' hahahah.... =)

Hmm... come to think of it, all those girls who will be attending are all pretty young ladies... at least 5 years younger than this old lady here... oh my god! tsk tsk tsk... i am so freaking old! =p So horrible! Hopefully will not be like some outcast or whatever...

*dear dear, i miss you already!*

Thinking about it...

Hmm.. went to try on bridesmaid gown on Saturday for CY's wedding. Hehe... had quite a fun time trying out. Her bridal shop is Graceful Image (I think) at Tan Quee Lan Street. Their designs there are not bad, more towards embriodery kind of design. Simple but pretty elegant. =) Well, chose a bridesmaid gown for myself - a pretty simple one. Halter neck (kinda) which cuts at just below the chest and bottom part pretty flowly of sorts.. =) Haha, at least I quite like it and I think I still look ok in it.. Hee... But sad thing was cant see CY in hers cos she already tried on by the time I went there. Anyway, nvr mind, shall see hers during her wedding! =) Pretty pretty bride... =)

After I met CY and the rest for the fitting and then dinner, I went to meet dear dear again for a wedding dinner. Seeing so many weddings make me keep thinking about my own.. haha.. but still, it's gonna be a very long time later... wahaha... so still got tons of time. Wondering if I should go count those ba zi and everything leh... =p Must get the tong shu for next year first.. After that, we can decide and all.... Hehe.. wonder if I would be such a pretty bride... seems like all brides are so beautiful.. makes me so envious.. hehehe... =)

Anyway, time to start saving and all for my dream wedding!

Wedding dreams aside, I just blasted 500 bucks on my winter clothings for UK. Sigh... havent even stepped onto the plane, already that much gone.. I am so upset. I have no more expenditure for this month already. Sigh. Next up, will be my expenses for HK trip. =( I am so freaking broke. Still have to consider all the wedding gifts and all.. Oh my god! I am so so so broke! =( Whatever! But I still love the coat that I bought for my trip.. Hehe... So cool! wahahaha.... =) Hope I have brought enough clothings... Think I need another few sweaters though! =)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

some random thoughts..

There are so many things to consider at the moment. Dear and I need to work out our finances and make some plans for the future. Well, we have to consider things such as buying flats, looking for places for our solemnisation and all... and we are still considering whether we should combine our solemnisation and wedding dinner. However, I really do not want to combine as I am afraid it would be too busy and all.. HOwever, we still have a bit of time as both of us are scheduling the solemnisation for next year and wedding dinner for the year after.

Anyway, shall be discussed again... and not to forget the fact that we are considering a car and all.. sigh... shall see.. shall see... =p

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